Mitre saws


• Brand: Emmegi
• Model: Classic Magic 500 TU/4
• Conditions: Excellent
• Delivery: Ready
• The Emmegi twin-head cutting-off machines boast of exceptional performance characteristics, including ruggedness and reliability. This machine is ideal for cutting aluminium and PVC bars in various thicknesses and at different angles. Latest generation machines which can make a considerable contribution to the production cycle thanks to their high standard of accuracy and user-friendliness. Classic Magic is an electronic twin-head cutting-off machine with automatic traversing of the moving cutting head. The machine can be provided with an industrial label printer to enable profile identification and association with relative job.
• Electronic double-head cutting off machine with automatic movement of the mobile head through a C.C. motor controlled by numerical control. Pneumatic management of all angles up to 22°30’ (external). Cutting Length 4000 mm.
• The user-friendly control panel installed on the various models, runs on bearings and allows correct positioning of the moving cutting heads according to cutting specifications. The work cycle is optimized through creation of the cutting lists thus reducing scrap as well as workpiece loading/unloading times.
• The heads rotation around the horizontal axis happens through pneumatic cylinders and the obtainable angles, vary from 90° up to 22°30’ external; the average angles are obtained through suitable, manually adjustable, stops. The mobile units are equipped with protections with pneumatic descent of the working area.
• Sawblade diameter max: 500 mm
• Full protection of the saw blades
• Total installed power: 5.3 kw
• Weight: 1300 kg.



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Aluminium-PVC-Plastic Working Machinery

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